H,i my name is Nick Barker, here is a short piece about myself.

I live in Hampshire; I am a self taught artist working predominantly in pastels, pencils and acrylic inks. I started my work firstly in aviation and shipping drawings and then portraits.

I was asked to do a portrait of Debbie Harry of ‘Blondie’ fame. This lead to further portraits, again one of Debbie which has been personalised and signed by her, and another of Sir Bob Geldof’s daughter, Tiger Lily. My work can be characterised by an expressive detail with unique realism.

I show my at exhibitions and I am happy to take on commissions.  

The overwhelming landscapes and wildlife of Africa have inspired my wildlife work.  I have been lucky enough to travel to Botswana, Tanzania, America and Australia to gather reference material to produce my drawings and pastel painting.  This coupled with visits to Zoos has given me an enormous amount of inspiration.

I have won a few awards from local art societies and was commended in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the year award a few years ago.  I am a member of the Fareham Art Society.

I have exhibited at both the National Exhibition of Wildlife Artists and Marwell Art society Exhibition, together with several local venues, and recently I was runner up in the Jack Smith Trophy at Fareham Art Society.

I am one of the organisers of the Southern Nature Art Exhibition.  www.southernnatureart.com